We have been present in this industry since 2012, offering translation and localization services. With our wealth of experience and expertise in several fields, we have completed hundreds of projects and provided high-quality services to a huge number of clients. We noticed that many businesses were experiencing hardships due to communication barriers. For breaking such barriers, we started this company to help global clients capture opportunities, increase sales, and maximize their profits. With our pocket-friendly rates and top-notch translation services, we’ve managed to help hundreds of clients broadcast their messages to every corner of the Earth. While we employ the best technologies to expedite your projects, our talented team of linguists and translators ensures your content remains readable. Our translators are experts in their fields. Each one undergoes a rigorous training schedule to keep them updated on the latest practices.

By harnessing the power of modern technology and combining it with a deft, human touch, we’ve managed to provide consistent, high-quality solutions to each of our clients.Our expertise has afforded us the opportunity to work with MNCs and global translation agencies, cutting across industry verticals. Our clients trust us because we don’t just work FOR them. We work WITH them closely to gauge their exact requirements and provide them with customized solutions. Solutions that have been specifically optimized for each region, allowing them to grab opportunities across borders.Today we are amongst the top language service providers in Egypt. All because of the faith our clients place in us. And it’s time you should too.

Our Principles

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Languages rarely morph into each other easily. To completely assimilate two texts from different languages, it is necessary to not just translate words but also translate the ideas behind them. The rigidity of language requires a dexterous hand to capture its essence and localize it without losing meaning.

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Every organization is built, brick by brick, by its employees. Thus, we believe in hiring language experts who can do more than just translate. They are adaptive to the client's requirements and can work closely as a team to produce the best results.

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Rapid developments in translational technologies have allowed us to produce the fastest translations in the market. We combine state-of-the-art technology with our talented workforce to create localize documents that can break down all cultural barriers.

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Each client comes to us with different requirements. In line with our missions, we've abandoned the 'one size fits all' approach which is common amongst most language service providers. Instead, we collaborate closely with each client to assess their requirements before prescribing a solution customized to serve their specific needs.



LocaliZone isn’t just another translation agency. We’re a language service provider with an unmatched reputation in the business world. Our reputation hinges on our ability to provide high-quality services on time, day in and day out. We are the trusted language partner of hundreds of companies who have put their faith in us to help them get their messages across cultures and borders. Here’s what you get when you choose us.

Impeccable Customer Service

We are available 24/7. We understand that our clients come from multiple time zones. Hence, we remain prepared to discuss their needs at any time of the day.

On-Time Delivery

Part of our quality assurance is the promise to deliver work within deadlines for each project. We work with a network of professional linguists who understand the value of your time and are prepared to race the clock.

Our Commitment to Quality

We have worked hard, ever since our inception, to build up a loyal client base that cuts across verticals. Every project is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why you can get assured quality work whenever you choose to work with us. Additionally, all our work is personalized according to the client’s needs including vocabulary, tone, and voice.

Experience in Various Industries

Most of our clients require translations and localizations that are not limited to just one industry. Hence, our talented team has been trained to handle services in various sectors including legal, hospitality, tourism, medical, marketing, and e-commerce among several others. We’re equipped to handle all kinds of translations  certified, general, and technical.

Our Vision

We wish to revolutionize the language industry in a way that makes it more accessible to clients ensuring that language does not remain a barrier any longer.

Our Mission

We wish to revolutionize the language industry in a way that makes it more accessible to clients ensuring that language does not remain a barrier any longer.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to keep the client’s expectations in the center of all the work we do, ensuring that different languages don’t become a constraint. Instead of collating projects, we focus on the ones we have, delivering quality work right by the schedule.We believe that our clients’ media outreach should not get diluted due to regional differences. Hence, we work with more than 25 language pairs to get the right word across!

Our Team

Our team consists of the most talented linguists who are dedicated to helping each client no matter the size of the project. To ensure that the quality remains consistent throughout, our project managers work closely with the translators and guide them until the final product is ready. The translators and localizers are the most critical members of our team. Each one has been handpicked after a series of rigorous tests and interviews to ensure only the most talented ones get through. Apart from recruitment, each linguist undergoes a continuous training program to keep their language and technology skills at par with the world’s highest standards. This ensures that your project will not only meet the cultural and linguistic requirements of the region but surpass them, allowing you access to opportunities across borders. We take immense pride in our team’s ability to communicate clearly with our clients. They are communication experts who can gauge your requirements carefully while also advising you on the suitable frameworks. After all, our only goal is to help you win!


Each document is processed through our proven six-step translation procedure to ensure quality, consistency, and timeliness. Each stage is supervised by managers who lead the teams of linguists, guiding them along the timeline. Our quality control is top notch and at par with the highest possible standards.


This is the first stage any project goes through. The project requirements are recorded and quantified according to the word count and nature of the documents.


The project is divided amongst the teams according to their sectoral expertise. Only translators with previous expertise and training in that particular industry are assigned to related projects. Each translator is expected to deliver the document within a specified time frame to ensure timely delivery to the clients.


No job can be deemed complete without a thorough parsing to identify errors in grammar and consistency. The errors are rectified before the project moves on to the next stage.


Another crucial stage before the project can be signed off is quality control. Highly trained experts peruse all translations to ensure readability and linguistic quality.


Since the projects can vary from industry to industry, our staff formats each document according to the clients’ requirements.

The project is delivered to the client within the stipulated timeline in either hard copy or soft copy, as requested by the client.



Translation and localization is a complex process that involves multiple stakeholders and tools. We understand if you have unanswered questions regarding our work, our process, our quality guarantee, or our pricing. We’ve created this FAQ section to allay all your doubts. If you feel that you couldn’t find your answer here, then feel free to leave a message to us. Our customer service team will reach out to you shortly.

Translation is not a mere game of substituting words. Perfect translations are embedded in the cultural and linguistic roots of your target audience. Google translate is prone to errors and lacks the ingenuity of a human expert. On the other hand, LocaliZone employs a team of expert linguists with several years of working experience to provide you with the highest quality of translations that are grammatically and culturally accurate.

While machine translations have developed rapidly, they still lack the accuracy, consistency, and logic of a human linguist. Using a machine to assist human translators helps speed up the entire process but completely replacing the human touch will only result in erroneous, mechanical translations devoid of any cultural significance. LocaliZone combines machine translation with human experts to provide you with results that are accurate, quick, and affordable.

The language industry is thriving with several new players coming up. But not everyone possesses the resources required to provide perfect translations within tight deadlines at manageable prices. LocaliZone has access to a network of curated linguists who have decades of working experience. They are highly trained and fully capable of handling large volumes of work. Moreover, our customer-centric approach separates us from the pack. We don’t just work for you. We work with you to give you the best possible results.

Estimating the amount of work and the price for the work are harder when dealing with PDF documents and scanned images. To create a mirror version of the source file, a typist will have to type out the entire project before the translation even begins. This adds to the overall cost. If the quality of the PDF allows it, we can use optical character recognition to estimate the quote. Unfortunately, this quote cannot be deemed final and accurate. Thus, the final price for the project when dealing with PDF files and scanned images can only be given at the end of the project.

We deal with every project that can possibly contain text that needs translation. Our repertoire includes PDF files, images, documents, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, charts, drawings, graphs, magazines, files, books, catalogues, brochures, photos, etc. We can help you translate products that contain any form of textual message that needs to be sent across.

We value each and every customer that comes our way, despite the size of their order. We understand that every client has different requirements according to their individual needs. Thus, we make sure that we communicate effectively with every customer to quantify their needs, be it an individual client or big companies.

We do not have a minimum order size as such. We live working with clients of all sizes. After all, our only goal is to help you. But we do charge a minimum amount. If your order size is less than 100 words, then we charge you for the full hundred words. That is, from 1-99 words, we charge for 100 words straight up. This is done to ensure that you get the best quality possible and we mitigate our production costs.

We offer our clients the option of paying within 5 days of delivery to maintain mutual trust between us. But this is only applicable to recurring clients who have worked with us previously. New clients might be asked to pay a 20%-100% advance depending on their order size. Additionally, we also offer our recurring clients the option of monthly billing and 30-60 day payments, depending on the work.

Along with the delivery of the final product, we also attach the updated invoice that contains all the necessary payment information including amount due, due by date, and payment methods. We generally accept PayPal, bank transfer, and all the major credit cards.

The privacy and security of all our client’s information and projects is of the utmost concern to us. We make sure that every bit of information shared with us remains safe. We follow a stringent approach to help allay all our client’s security and privacy fears. All the devices in our network are updated with the latest anti-virus, firewall, and encryption software. Every linguist we work with is bound by strict NDAs that are enforceable by law. They are legally prohibited from sharing any information with anyone else. Any sort of identifiable information such as contact numbers and email addresses is kept hidden from the translators. You can rest assured that when you choose LocaliZone your data is secure.

Even though our translators can smoothly handle the most popular CAT tools and online servers, they are open to working with the client’s own tools. Working with a new CAT tool entails a learning curve. But our team and its customer-first approach means that they love putting in the time and effort to learn how to operate your own CAT tool and server. You can send over your user guide, tutorials, and other related videos to help them grasp the nuances of your tech. They’ll gain expertise in it in absolutely no time.

In our quest to provide you the best services, we also give our clients the option of on-site interpretation in the country of their choice. We connect our clients to nearby native linguists who qualify to fulfil the client’s requirements. These linguists are properly trained in the area of their expertise. So you can rest assured that whichever country you might be in, LocaliZone will help you break language barriers.


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