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LocaliZone employs handpicked linguists with several years of experience not only in languages but also industries. We have a vast network of translators and localizers with background in various sectors, ranging from science and technology to medicine and entertainment. With our industry expertise, you can trust us with even the most complex requirements.

Our linguists undergo a continual training process that keeps them abreast of all the latest developments in their sectors. Thus, ensuring that the final product is unmatched in its accuracy and quality.

E-commerce Translations

E-commerce has helped brands reach even the most remote corners of the world. By tapping into hitherto unreachable markets, brands…

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Legal Translations

We understand the impact legal translations can have on your company. It is our empathy that drives us to provide…

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Insurance Translations

If you’re an international insurance provider, localizing all your documentation to the needs of the local populace should be your…

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Patent Translations

A patent is a form of legislation that helps you secure your inventions and related documentation from being exploited by…

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Diplomatic Translations

While traveling to exotic locales, one often comes across language barriers that are near impossible to cross. It all starts…

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Business Translations

Today, The global economy is thriving, opening new opportunities for companies to touch new markets. In such a scenario, business…

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Corporate Communications

Global MNCs face this problem on a regular basis – how to effectively conduct internal communications. As your business grows,…

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Medical Translations

Medical documents such as prescriptions, clinical trial studies, medical reports, drug information, registration dossiers, and patents require very careful handling…

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Education Translations

Education has become an international affair that is no longer limited by borders. Students are choosing to study abroad at…

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Technology Translations

Software translation and localization is the process of adapting your software to meet the linguistic, cultural, and regional needs of…

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Government Translations

The government is solely responsible for the upkeep of a large and diverse population that speaks multiple languages and come…

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Travel And Tourism

Today, half the world can be seen by simply hopping onto a flight! People are increasingly eager to visit foreign…

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Investor Relations

A brewing startup culture in South East and Eastern Asia has attracted the interest of thousands of angel investors and…

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Consulting Translations

Consultancy firms often end up working with international clients. Their key role is to aid the client companies by giving…

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Building And Construction

Construction is a volatile industry that requires precise communications that are transmitted to all stakeholders within strict timelines. In such…

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Media Translations

Media translation is part of our core offering; we have several years of experience working for top media firms. Media…

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Sports Translations

Sports, in itself, is an international phenomenon. Global audiences tune in to watch football games, F1 races, the Olympics, the…

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Transcripts Translations

Students are realizing the potential of a global education and flocking to apply to the world’s leading universities in Europe,…

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