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We believe in serving our clients to our utmost capabilities. After all, there’s a reason why all of our clients keep returning to us. Over the years, we’ve built a level of trust within this industry. Customers have complete faith in our proprietory rigorous process that produces accurate, timely, and quality results comparable to the world’s highest translation standards. Translating a document isn’t a simpleton’s job. It takes years of experience to perfect the art of understanding languages. This industry requires a great degree of attention to detail, dedication, and skill to create the perfect translations that are not only error-free and affordable but also tailored to the clients’ requirements. Moreover, we strive to be as agile and flexible as possible to accommodate clients from all walks of life – from MNCs and local businesses to hospitals and consultancies.

Before we even start working, we thoroughly examine the client’s requirements and creative brief. We communicate closely with them to grasp the tiniest details that might otherwise slip out. Only after we’ve understood your business and answered all your questions, we quote a price..

How Do Our Prices Vary ?

Our prices vary according to three primary factors – the volume of work, complexity of the texts, turnaround time, and quality of service required.

Since we price our services on a per word basis, the more the content, the higher our quote. While calculating the word count, you can choose to work with our translation technologies to reduce the number of words to be translated. Repeated words get stored in our translation memory, thus, deducting them from the final word tally.

Some industries such as medicine, science, technology, and software require a higher degree of precision and expertise. When your content involves highly specialized terminology, we call upon the most talented of our linguists as opposed to a simpler piece of text which can be translated by a non-specialist..

We love to help our clients achieve their language goals as fast as possible. But priority projects with a quicker timeline require more hands on deck. On the other hand, our charges remain low for standard delivery times.

Many clients require only basic translations for simplistic documents. On the other hand, some clients prefer advanced translations for their brand’s message.We provide three tiers of service basic, professional, and premium. The basic tier involves translation by a native linguist and a quality check by a second language expert who goes through a sample of the translated document. The premium tier also involves translation by a native linguist and a detailed quality check of the entire document by a quality assurance expert. We recommend choosing the premium tier for customer-facing and publication purposes.

We have flexible translation options to suit the needs of every client here are the three tiers we offer

When cost and speed is the Priority
The most sought-after package for information purposes and simple translations. It includes:
Lowest Price Human Translation
Fastest turnaround
Native Speaker Translation
Self-proofreading & Spell-checking
Quality Control by PM
Translation Memory upon Request
Basic Formatting Where Possible
End-to-End full Professional Translation
The premium package provides the best translation service. It is suitable for publishing, and includes:
All of the Professional Tier, Plus:
Localization for the Target Audience
Adherence to the Marketing Message
Reproducing the Voice of the Original
Reproducing Formatting Where Possible
Technical Terminology Review
Project Management
  • At LocaliZone, we make sure that we quote the best price possible for the service you have chosen. We provide an unbroken commitment to stick to the quoted price. We levy no hidden charges from our beloved clients. So, you can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind when you choose to work with us. The price we charge and the quality we provide are, by far, the best in the industry.


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