Iman Refaat
Language Development Team Lead & Lecturer.

LocaliZone is a localization company that keen to introduce premium quality. They are updated with all the new trends in the market and use all CAT tools that help them to increase their quantity and improve quality within tight deadlines in order to meet all their clients’ requirements. They have strong expertise in different fields; therefore, they are capable to deal with any content professionally and with top-notch quality. I strongly recommend them as they would be the right choice for localizing your products in premium quality on time.

Sarah Hesham
Co-Founder Of LangBirds Translation & Localization

LocaliZone encompasses a very warm-welcoming teamwork, whom you feel that every member in their team is one of your family. They master what they do to provide you with a piece-of-cake process during which you will not feel any stress. Beside their friendly attitude, they provide a great product with their high-quality translation and on-time delivery. I’m so happy with dealing with them and for sure this dealing will be repeated and persistent.

Nancy Tahir
General Manager - Apex Legal Translation LLC

I choose LocaliZone because I haven’t met such a dedicated team which can be obviously visible in the team spirit and quick response, especially Mr. Ahmed Hussein with whom I have a really amazing experience. Special thanks to this great personality and I greatly appreciate their attention to every single detail in their work, they are incredibly creative and innovative.

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