A patent is a form of legislation that helps you secure your inventions and related documentation from being exploited by third parties. By filing for a patent, you are basically protecting your rights over your own products and preventing others from stealing your ideas. The laws and filing procedures vary from country to country which means your patent is only valid in the country issuing it. Thus it’s necessary to file your patents in multiple countries. This is where patent translations come in. By translating your patent into multiple languages, you can file for your rights in multiple countries, helping you protect your products from unauthorized use in several nations. By doing so, you also open up the opportunity of entering new markets in different countries, enabling you to expand your company beyond borders. LocaliZone is the perfect partner to help you translate your patents. Our team of experts is trained and experienced in the field of patents, copyrights, and intellectual property. They will assist you in producing accurate professional translations of all your documents, helping you secure patents in many countries.

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